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Oh YES! ❤ What a great world it would be if more realized this!

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20131024-185745.jpgGuys, when you are looking to make a girl ‘yours’, you have to know the big secret. She’s got to be hers first. If you don’t see that in her, wait till it shows up.
What do you look for? A woman with a sense of her purpose, which is not about you. She may feel she wants a mate, but she has already talked to the One who created her and she is trusting Him to lead. That means she is led to you and you are led to her.
She doesn’t need to work to prove her worth to you. She doesn’t have to be crass and exposed to be noticed.
She will understand her positioning as a woman. She believes her life is precious. She waits for the one who understands that as well.
She doesn’t just want a marriage, she wants a spiritual relationship of passion…

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Awesome You

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20131025-104318.jpgYou…… Are responsible for what you see. You are responsible for the energy you bring to the world. You choose the attitude, the altitude, the heart that is stingy or extravagant.
You are responsible for your heart, your compassion, your being profitable in the world.
You are the one who decided how you would create your life. Your choice this very moment will affect all choices from this time forward.
You decide to see miracles or muster up courage or growing your vision. You pick what you put inside your heart. You place things in your life for seasons, reasons and the needs of your day.
You set your heart to muddle or stretch, to be ever in awe or ever in drama. You give to your life goodness and grace or temporary stains of selfish gains.
You choose the beauty or the ugly embrace of your spirit. You sing…

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A Brand New Day

I opened my FB news feed this morning to be greeted by a status update from the Elephant Journal Admin declaring that they “recently became a Russell Brand fan” and was bemused by my private internal four-year-old response: Well you’re a bit slow aren’t you – my inner child chided – I’ve been following Russell for like MONTHS now!  🙂

My ability to be constantly amused by – not only my internal dialogue – but by the variety of characters that my mind assumes at various moments of any day aside, this “fan-ship” phenomena is very new to me.  Firstly – I’m thirty-something . . . something 😀 and I’ve NEVER been one of those poster-sporting, day-dream following young lasses recognising as I did from very young that George Michael (whether he knew it or not) was far more suited to my gay cousin’s teenage fantasies than mine. I’ve always just been more of the serious sort too, completely unimpressed with comedy of any sort out of the US (while an ardent Black Adder and Monty Python devotee) so a “comedian” was certainly not what I was expecting as my first dalliance as a “fan”.

I slipped into this gradually however as I’d seen Russell only once in the film Arthur and while pleasantly surprised that the remake didn’t cower in the shadow of the original it wasn’t until I saw the Good Morning Australia clip where Russell declares without flinching that : “ You cannot define yourself in reference to other external co-ordinates. You must define yourself internally with your relationship with a higher entity. Think of yourself as a manifestation of some higher thing, some higher frequency. This is the visible realisation and you know that don’t you because you cant see atoms and you cant see the forces that hold those atoms together. There, in the Micro-Quantum world Richard, lie the answers to everything. We can’t understand it with our biological rational minds, but we feel it intuitively. Get yourself in alignment with that stuff and you’ll beam like the sun! Yeah man!”, and with that I really got my first “hit” of the potency of the Russel Brand phenomena. I shared the clip and discussed it openly but beyond that I was now simply “impressed”.
“Good on you Russell Brand” I thought, “how nice to have an eloquent celebrity capable of higher erudite expression on subjects of higher resonance. Nice!”

It was the second taste of this tangy toastmaster of uncompromising truth that really sunk hooks into my psyche – a clip I think on addiction and abstinence-based recovery and quite literally all resistance from there was futile! It happened on a Friday afternoon and I must have spent the better part of that night into the next morning looking up just about everything I could find on this tantalising individual. The salad of an expansive vocabulary, the succinct expression of world-embracing and soul-stirring concepts from a yoga-and-TM-meditation-practicing ex-junkie drenched in unflagging passion for the subjects of the Oneness of Mankind, our reality as spiritual beings and the irrelevance of the nonsensical miasma of most of popular droning global debate had me hooked and despite an initial baffled resistance to my fascination with the man (I’m a serious-thinking grown-up you understand!) I found that even the God-child in me was irresistibly drawn to the openly vulnerable and nakedly truthful outpourings of what I have truly come to think of as a phenomena of our Age.

Now if you’re a regular reader of my page and prose you’ll know that I’m a God-person, openly so and without apology. Within that I am sensitive to the resistance to “formalised religion” and how many people’s experience of God-people is quite jagged and torn but I’m a Baha’i and have spent my life immersed in the certainty of the coming of World Peace and the dawning of a new age of the Oneness of Mankind within the certainty that all religions have a divine origin and in terms of truth we’re all headed to the same “place”. 30 years ago these concepts were fairly revolutionary and if we (the followers of the Baha’i Faith) weren’t being called delusional-hippie-idealists we were often being targeted by conspiracy theorists thinking that we were REALLY somehow trying to take over the world. So fear or avoidance really and so the last decade has really been quite a thrill with walls coming down and the internet breaking through fears of all kinds. But now HERE we have this popular celebrity comedian type, openly touting love, unity and kindness and I suspect almost divinely shaped as an arrow pointed straight at my Generation X as we head into the period of being the cup-bearers of the globe!

For anyone who hasn’t studied generational analysis, the studies are done primarily by advertisers as they try to assess how best to market to an affluent generation. The studies themselves have inspired a significant shift in advertising tactics over the last decade as advertisers became aware that this was the “show me” generation. We’re naturally jaded and believe little of what we hear and focus more on what we see. Most of us couldn’t give a toss about language usage and studies have shown we’re also more likely to trust people who swear sometimes above people who don’t. So the fact that to get through even one Russell Brand clip on YouTube you absolutely HAVE to be immune to the prolific use of swear words seems to make his Brand of dialogue perfectly suited to Generation X. We’re also pretty much immune to sexual innuendo and ribaldry. We’ve been overexposed in movies, television and society far too long to even bother being offended at explicit language so with both of these elements off the table, Russell’s voracious openness about his appetites, littered with colourful language is really nothing more than amusing décor in the halls of truth that he entices us all into with laughter and an almost awkward ambling gait that radiates respect for even the most objectively bizarre beliefs and lovingly embraces even the most offensive individuals in a warm Russell-Branded glow.

In an age where anger, violence and meanness is so abundant, Russell’s composure in the face of tomato-faced blustering politicians hurling abuse at him or when subjected to blatantly obvious disdain is beyond masterful as he calmly sits in TRUTH and never for a moment flinches in his convictions! Who DOES that?!

In a world of isolated points of light beaming like pinpricks into the seeming stuck-ness of a world on the brink of but still resisting massive change, Russell seems to gather all of the scattered “truths” of our generation into one focused beam. Amidst the chants against the evils of rampant capitalism and mass manipulation – usually in a focused form AGAINST this or that (GMO’s, the Media, politicians on all sides etc.), Russell’s message beams clearly out of the centre of it all: Its all SHITE and we need to take another look and complete our evolution into a world of love, unity and mutual respect. So there! (except of course his delivery of this synopsis is exceptional and full-bodied!)

While most of our social warriors have taken a stand on this or that issue and passionately lead the charge of destruction against paradigms that have outgrown their benefits, Russell has found an uninhabited corner in addressing Humanity holistically and I’m almost as amused by people’s complete loss of composure when faced with him as I am by the man himself. What can anyone really do when offered absolute unflinching truth in impressively erudite language by a lovingly non-threatening individual standing naked in all his flaws with nothing to hide? In a world of false constructs and rippled carpets of buried truths Russell’s approach ultimately unhinges all but the most genuinely firmly founded interviewers and glaringly enfeebles his staunchest critics who by comparison seem like lamely bleating sheep amidst the reverberation of the concise and impervious gems he sprinkles about like diamonds before a gaggle of socialites who have conned the world into believing in the inestimable value of their diamanté encrusted persona’s.
The unexpected juxtaposition of a celebrity – who by nature tend to be crowd-pleaser’s by career necessity – expounding truths certain to be unpopular somewhere – with such alacrity and confidence simply takes most folk by complete surprise and they bubble and bluster, regaining their composure only long after Russell has delivered his choice offerings and left the building!

All of this? From a self-confessed ex-junkie? Well, yes. If Russell does have one dominant altruistic focus beyond the big picture it would be drug rehabilitation and recovery but that so authentically grows from him; earthed in his own experience – that its more an act of sharing his success in conquering (and surviving) a life-threatening propensity than it is a “mission”. He wears his ex-junkie status proudly and fearlessly which is possibly his greatest strength, the true impact of which hit me yesterday mid-read of an epistle of his in the New Statesman calling for a global economic revolution while I was contemplating the stark bravery of a man who seemingly risks career suicide with each public appearance. How does this singular human being overcome ALL people-pleasing tendencies to stand so very publicly and unashamedly in truth?

Anyone familiar with recovery from addiction will tell you that the strongest weapon against our desire to escape from an unappealing reality (made unappealing in large part by the complete lack of honesty and openness in society) is simply TRUTH. Hard-core absolute truth through which the addict to any distraction or substance can clear the decks of guilt and expectation of fakery and perhaps for the first time in their lives live truly free. It could even be said that until an addict reaches a space of completely raw, naked truth – both in themselves and in the world, they stand a slim chance of maintaining or perpetuating a state of recovery. I’ve also discovered that truth itself can therefore be a replacement high that outshines all others and brings with it the added benefit of aligning oneself with all that is good and right in the world. I’ve even been heard to declare that the only really HUMAN-beings in this world ARE in fact addicts because who can possibly be fully conscious in today’s world and NOT be torn to shreds by the despicable realities of child poverty, human depravity and simple social meanness? To be awake and unaffected in this day and age to me one would have to be a psychopath.

So by projecting myself into Russell’s fancy boots (which with an addictive personality myself I feel I qualify to at least attempt), I can see how his very survival of his own dependency challenge would have required anchoring himself in truth and therefore any urging towards crowd-pleasing that would take him out of his uncompromising truth would not merely be an unfortunate slip, but a challenge to his very survival. If addicts are indeed the true seekers, always looking for that “something more” and finding only unsatisfying substitutes in form, then perhaps Russell is one of the first seeker-pioneers to have so publicly and successfully completed that journey to its true beckoning of spiritual satisfaction and just that example in itself is iconic.

What a gift to the world! An amusing iconic celebrity who for his own survival is immersed in meditation, yoga and absolute truth and he can’t help but speak it loudly and as boldly as possible flavoured with his unique spices of amusing self-evaluation and ribaldry. So if you’re not of my generation and not immune to his sexual references and swearing – soldier on! I promise that the gems he offers speckled with all the rough-stuff will be well worth enduring a few flinches. For the God-folk amongst us consider what God did with Moses, a murderer! If He chose such a man to lead his children at that time, why could a man who has surrendered to truth and love in his own life not be put to work (or in another perspective become a part of the work to be done by aligning with love) by God (or the Universal powers, whatever your words are) to take part in the awakening of mankind?

Not that I’m saying that Russell is the Messiah you understand but something in his latest tour (aptly named the Messiah complex) gives me a clue that at some level he does have an inkling of the importance of his place in the world . .  which in itself must be a delicate balance because really its his commitment to truth and love that are so exceptional, two ingredients that would be wholly discounted were he to allow self-importance to master his efforts – a struggle that he’s referred to publicly in more than one interview, but so far it seems he’s miraculously staying ahead of that battle.

Perhaps most remarkable in all the clips I’ve ever seen of Russell Brand is that not once have I ever seen any sign of intentional meanness in him. How remarkable is that?!
While he deftly weaves the ego-impulses of those around him into glittering webs of glamour while subtly exposing, almost spuriously, the utter nonsense captivating much of the modern world, still:  in a world at war with its true self through the hilarity of unkindness, he’s a popular comedian and somehow, he’s never mean, and for that alone the man deserves our admiration.

I feel much like a botanist would watching the first flowering of a previously unknown genus of blossoming plant life. I am captivated by the spectacle of an uncompromisingly truthful, kind man on a spot-lit global stage with a bewildered audience in a world at the brink of mammoth change; as he harnesses his vulnerabilities as strengths and surrenders to the purpose of a catalyst for that change. Amidst his flawed humanity there is something quite exceptional happening here and if we allow ourselves to be distracted by weight of those still in denial clawing at his boot-legs we may all miss it.

This man presents us with an unprecedented phenomenology, like a world-shaking laughter-gurgling earth-quake unearthing gifts of inestimable value into our midst to relish in or expend the last of our resistant impulses fighting against if that’s what will get us to finally surrender to the truth of the readiness of the world for fundamental change. My singular hope is that he is not like the shining lights of the past that burn themselves up – phoenix-like – in reaching their true elevation and that he will set a new precedent as an enduring spokes person for truth that will still be shaking things up for years to come!

So if you’ve never immersed yourself in the unusually piquant sauciness of Russell Brand, take the challenge and adventure into this experience. Whether he annoys you, pushes your buttons, makes you laugh or opens your soul, I promise you will not be bored! Whatever your take on the man, if you’re truly honest you wont be able to be struck by the appearance of something completely new in a world stuck in remakes and change-resistant back-pedalling.
We now have a sign of our times impossible to ignore and its all Brand New.


A taste of the magic:

© Natalie-Ann Powell 2013

The dance of essence and form

A topic of Form vrs Essence is one that we encounter and are challenged with in our daily lives and it’s a topic being highlighted to me again recently through some business issues. Form and Essence, or form versus essence. Are they in conflict?

Quantum Physics tells us that all form is “essence” and that all “essence” manifests as form. Progressive beliefs and thoughts are that all thoughts (essence) manifest in form and that form is simply a product of essence . . . . and yet we’re in a cycle of human evolution that is rejecting form in all sorts of ways.

Followers of religions are rejecting outdated or incomprehensible forms, while sometimes still holding onto the essence of a belief. Even on forums like FB you can say that you are “spiritual but not religious” – perhaps meaning that you align with the essence of faith but not its “forms”.

I’ve had my own struggles with form. In my belief system daily prayer is obligatory, deeds and not words are of paramount importance and we have no “leaders” or ones mandated to interpret for us, it is up to each of us to nurture and strengthen our understanding and relationship to the Divine. As a teen I really didn’t see the need for daily prayers – if you got it you got it right? Why pray all the time about it? Why attend gatherings? Why read some spiritual writing everyday?

It was only through a different, but not incongruous path of Reiki Mastery that it suddenly dawned on me that essence alone is not enough. Our form holds us IN our essence, especially on the days when the “winds of change” are gusting and our own selves are in turmoil. While we may not consciously understand the need for form – a lot of eastern practices show us how form and essence dance exquisitely to manifest positive outcomes in our lives.

Yoga is a great example – not that its my chosen connection but a lot of people are greatly uplifted by the practice of Yoga. There you go, contorting yourself into a whole lot of strange shapes, doing odd poses and stretching out in bizaare forms – and? Whoda-guessed-it?!!! Those poses themselves have recently been scientifically proven to get your “essence” flowing in great ways to keep your body hale and healthy and clear your mind! Form, that truly enhances and preserves essence.

But so many of this world these days are afraid of form – they resist and reject it out of hand – perhaps in response to the past generation’s abuse of form to control by means of fear and structure. Form got a bad rap from some religious practices and in life, from some corporate structures. We all know the frustration of meaningless and pointless beaurocracy. A rule is a rule is a rule . . . . even if it makes NO sense in implementation. What the legal fraternity (the bastion of rules) will tell you is that the judgement system of applying to rules looks more to the “Intent” behind rules and not so much to the “letter of law”. And so there’s a dance there too – intentions within rules . . . essence within forms.

And some are afraid that if we give form to essence, we change the essence somehow – lessen it, make it less glorious somehow. If we name the spiritual experience, if we label it, perhaps we fear it becomes benign. But what I truly know, from the depth of my soul, is that without our forms, our essence is a fragile vapour that will drift away on the first breath of adversity.

I don’t know that the form of the form is that important – other than it must resonate with us. For some, a day out in nature, connecting to the earth and the wild is the form that re-unites them with their own keys to essence, to faith, hope and beauty. For me its about daily prayers and reflections, meditation and some physical exertion that holds me in my essence. Others find Churches, Synagogues and Mosques hold them in their essence. What we all just need to remember is that it was never about the form anyway – it doesn’t matter what it LOOKS LIKE, as long as it returns us to that grateful, connected, spiritually aligned space where we’re truly better people. I wouldn’t mind if someone achieved that by dancing naked in their garden each evening to tribal chants! Although I’ve found it also true that those who hold themselves accountable to a higher power are usually more consistent in their essential beliefs than those who don’t – but that’s another topic for another day.

The bottom line is, we all need a form of some kind. A daily reconnection with our intention to be GOOD people and live GOOD lives, our daily reminder to account for our impact in the world and be conscious of our doings – whatever that looks like.

Equally, all true essence needs structure to cement it into this world and give it an anchor of manifestation. A person can say they believe all sorts of things but these days most of us reserve our assessment of those beliefs until we see some “form” of those words, some action or manifestation that tell us those words are true. Like the song says “don’t say you love me, show me”.1239643_10201938622213542_2022689310_n

Form and essence are not enemies, they are dear and close friends, intimate partners and close confidants. They dance eternally in manifestation and creation and we need both of them to ever live our truth. We need embrace both to achieve balance and meaningful manifestation of spectacular and joy-filled lives, for both are meaningless without the other.

If I have a belief that does not manifest into the world in any form of action or purpose, that belief is meaningless. If I love, but that love shows no fruits, that love is pointless. If I have a form, that does not return me to my connection with “essence” to my connection with truth love and joy, the form is dead, lifeless and irrelevant.

Form and essence dance, and we are the music that tempers their creations.

Love is the key – no really, it really IS.

I remember the first time I heard of the “power of attraction or intention” and it was a miraculous discovery! It was as if I, Natalie-Ann, had just discovered the key to unlock the doors of the universe! Of course! I thought – that makes perfect sense!

Think about it, if all things are energy and we are the focus of our own energy – and we also have access to unlimited energy from the universe around us, then by focusing our INTENTION towards the manifestation of an idea or ideal, that possibility would become energised and hey presto! We would be the creators of our own reality!

What a find!15713_102802396420579_100000724587117_78676_4883247_n

At the same workshop where I uncovered this gem of wisdom, we were encouraged to draw pictures of our “intentions” – school-child like and mine of course included the ideal house, the cottages for all my friends who visited; the stables and the horses and all the dogs and cats I wanted to grace my home. But the drawing thing was really secondary – I hardly noticed it . . . . I was revelling in this new truth the resonance of which I could really FEEL . . . .

And then like most people – life happened, the excitement of the moment wore off and I got on with living and conquering the days ahead. It was only a few years later – when I stood before my ideal house with the cottages for the friends and the stables for the horses that I remembered the workshop and was awestruck by the power of my scribbled drawing that I just jotted down and forgot about. I knew without doubt that that drawing had brought me there, to that house and I bought it and lived there for many years.

Realizing the hidden well of potential for creation in all of us is truly an awesome thing – but – and there are some significant “buts” involved – there are keys to the process that are vital if we want to get it right.

So the way this magical reality is currently shared in the world is that it is our inherent power of “intention” that guides the process. We INTEND a thing, and “the universe conspires to make it happen”. This can be through visualisation (popular because it requires no tools); decision (the proviso being it has to be a clear decision, not plagued by doubts or umm-but’s and we need to HOLD TO that decision)  or, like in the workshop – we can doodle it down 🙂 . The second part is trickier – you then need to detach from the outcome – yup, that one had me stumped too. When I drew the picture in an excited haze and then stuffed it in a drawer and forgot about it – well that – quite unintentionally, was the perfect process.

A number of things get in the way in between. Indecision – are we sure we really want THAT thing? So its like sitting down in the cosmic kitchen and recalling the waiter every two minutes to change our order – even slightly.  I imagine that eventually the Chef Himself goes on strike : -) . And then of course the grand decimator of all human reality – FEAR – fear creeps in when we’re afraid of NOT manifesting this outcome, or indeed we can be afraid of what will happen if we DO. Fear is the great cosmic fog and cuts us off from all truth, energy and positive intention. When we fear, we start to visualise “what will happen when” and we actually start to employ the power of manifestation TOWARDS creating what we fear and manifesting that instead.

Now all of this (above) is freely available thought and can be explored by reading authors like Abraham Hicks or Deepak Choprah. Their words on this resonate for me . . . but there’s always been something missing. Perhaps it was an aspect of the truth that I didn’t understand? And a few days ago, I got it – I understood my missing piece and all of the little surrounding “knowings” fell into place.

I had been reading a lot on love for a series of posts I was creating and one quote by Baha’u’llah really stuck with me. In essence, He was saying that fear and love cannot live in the same heart.

I’ve heard something similar before – about fear and faith . . . .so I marvelled at this quote that really felt true to me but the implications felt far-reaching. The other quote in the batch was one about how love holds the elements of the atom together and holds the planets in place. And then, in a moment – as it does when one has an ah-HA moment, I got it! Like that moment when a series of tastes and scents blend to create the perfect recipe – yummy!

Its not intention alone that manifests our desires: Intention is merely the channel for the manifestation – its LOVE! And of course since fear is the antithesis of love, if we also fear what we intend then fear will negate the intention – or at the very least significantly skew it. If we are indecisive – this is an indicator that we don’t truly LOVE our intended manifestation, we like it . . . well ummm, yes and no. And so without love, the manifestation fails.

What WORKED with the picture I drew of the home I really wanted is that I drew a picture of the house I would LOVE to have. There was no indecision, I really wasn’t very intellectual about it at all – it didn’t come from a complex thought place, I was distracted and so I drew what I loved. And then forgot about it. And love did the rest.

We hear it all the time – “whatever the question love is the answer” – whatever you do, do it with love. How many of us take that literally? We think it or hear it and smile and carry right along living our lives with focus, fear, faith or hope . . . . but do we really incorporate LOVE?

I know now with everything that I am that it is LOVE that is the creative force behind all manifestation. It is love that attracts the elements of atoms together, holds planets in their place and it is love that draws to us what we love. Love is the great cosmic magnet, the power of attraction and intention are little insignificant reflections of Love’s true power. Pure love, without the obstruction of fear and uncertainty, will draw to us whatever we need, and whatever we fear. Afterall, love’s true intention is its own self – the union of all things unobstructed by fear so it will always work against the power of fear in our lives, and the only way to negate fear is to manifest what we fear so we can get over it!

Pure love is a lot easier for the young – for those uncomplicated with a history of consequences that can immerse us in fear. As we make choices we begin to fear the outcomes of those choices, consciously or un – and in doing this we cut off our access to love on all sides.

Love is the answer

Its love too that will create a better world – by focusing enough of our intentions on a positive next step for humanity we effectively manifest that next step – by loving that next step. Suddenly all the expressions like “focus on what you love not what you hate” – and the truth I felt in those adages, make perfect sense.

We literally need to love our new world into being. We can choose to love our goals into being and feed our intentions with the perfect fuel. And the marvel of all of this is that nothing in the world can go wrong here. You cannot love an ugliness into reality. You cannot manifest destruction consciously through love – so love wins out ultimately either way.

As always, our greatest enemy is fear – but if we understand just how destructive fear truly is, that it cuts us off from the ability to manifest or draw anything positive into our lives, then perhaps the incentive to banish fear and overcome ego will be that much stronger.

So go on now, now you truly have a key that will unlock any door. What will you love into BE-ing today?

What will you do with your love in this lifetime?

488153_10152105902092565_769525933_n (1)

© NA Powell 2013. All Rights Reserved.

A place outside of time

There is a place that many seek, some hide from and others rejoice in. This place has no geography, no fixed domain but can be found anywhere, sometimes quite suddenly with no seeking at all.

In this place, we are alone with our own understood presence of our Creator. In this place, we are all one and entirely al-one.

For you this place may have vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows of such beauty as to make grown men weep, for others a cave cleft with a gentle stream, or anything inbetween.

In this place, truth echoes. You can whisper your own name to hear its resonance and feel its truth. In this place there is no peer observation, no judgement but your own and no reason to be anymore or any less.

The truth of yourself is never hidden in this sacred space, there are no mirrors to hide from and the only scripts that play out here are the stories you bring with you.

In this place there is no right or wrong, neither is there scope for complex justification or explanation. Here, everything just is, exactly as it is; perfect in its proper time and eternal echoes fill the air with gentle hauntings of everything that has ever lived.

To even be here you must exist, wholly and completely outside of the affirmation of others, the opinion of friends or foes has no substance here – everything not of you will fall away upon entry and if there is no you outside of others you will fear this place for here you are truly, just as you are – observed only through the gaze of supreme mercy, compassion and divine justice – all in equal measure.

This is the chamber of your own soul. This is the space of visitation with the Divine. In here, there is only peace. In this place you are accountable once, to a Presence that sees and knows more than you will ever be able to take in and if you wish it, here you will know truth.

If you’ve found this place, even once, you can return anytime – and if you return often and with clear intent, you will never know fear.

For here you will be heard – not through your words but through the true longings of your heart and if you surrender to the pregnant silence, you will hear all you ever need to know.

As ardent as your longing is for this space, so is its longing for your presence, uncluttered, unencumbered by roles, masks and pretence – none of these things hold substance here.  Here, you can take off your trinkets and dance; in the clear light of truth, and be made whole – or be stripped bare with awareness. Visitation itself leaves its mark on us all, and yet there are no words to share our experiences here. Willingness is the key to its doors and grace is its gift.

I will never see you there, my version of this space is mine alone and can never be visited, just as yours will never know another’s’ breath. But if we are fellow visitors of this place, we will know each other by heart and will rejoice at each others presence and the shared knowing that we all live and love, connected, and dance within one another.

a place outside time